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Track Forest; It is an entertainment program that contributes to students of kindergarten, primary school and secondary school age. In our field, one instructor is appointed as a guide for every twenty students.

The climbing track is coordinated by our licensed instructors.

Parkur Orman, located on approximately 10 decares within a 70 decare private forest area, consists of 23 large tracks, 30 educational tracks and 1 9 meter high climbing wall.

Our games have been specially developed for students of educational age, with features that support the self-confidence of participating children, encourage them to interact with their environment and increase their sharing and communication, and contribute to skills and analytical thinking. Increasing children's propensity for sharing and team play is one of the main goals of our course and is suitable for the annual activity programs of schools.

Participation Conditions:

•Students between the ages of 5-15 can participate, accompanied by their teachers.

•Participating students are expected to fill out the relevant form.

•It is recommended that students participating in the event wear clothes and sneakers that allow them to move comfortably in order to get more efficiency from the courses and for their safety.

•We recommend that those who will spend long hours in the forest take spare clothes with them in case of need.  Of course, depending on the weather, having a hat or raincoat will make the students' day easier.

•If students' parents want to participate, they can spend time in the restaurant or cafe in the area, but they will not be allowed to enter the area.

•Photos can be taken at the end of the event in our picture corner in the area. We kindly request that no shooting be done in areas other than these.

•For students with health problems, it is mandatory to be informed in advance and to be accompanied by an adult during their participation in the activity.

•It is free for our vehicles that bring our students.


As of 02 March 2024

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