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School Organizations

Learning Adventure at Moment Park: A Fun and Educational Nature Experience for School Organizations! Take your students on an unforgettable learning journey in the heart of nature, discover knowledge and fun together.

Corporate Picnic Organizations

Moment Park, which has been hosting corporate events of corporate companies and factories in Izmir and Manisa since 2005, has become the meeting point of the business world.
In this unique place, companies bring a new breath to business life by experiencing unforgettable moments in nature with activities that strengthen team spirit. Moment Park offers an ideal environment for your company events by combining the energy of the corporate world with the peace of nature.
Company Meal Organizations
An experience full of special catering menus and original flavors awaits you at Moment Park for company dinner organizations and barbecue parties. We offer a new break concept to the business world with various and special tastes prepared by our professional catering team.
You can spend delicious moments in nature with your colleagues with our menus that appeal to every taste, from meat cooked under the heat of the barbecue to our handmade appetizers.
These dining experiences, which can be customized according to the needs of your company, revitalize team spirit and allow you to create unforgettable memories in the peaceful atmosphere of nature. Moment Park offers the perfect harmony of taste and nature experience, promising much more than an ordinary event.
At Moment Park, birthdays turn into special moments where children run and play freely and families and friends have a pleasant time together. Here, while breathing in the fresh air, unforgettable celebrations are organized for our guests of all ages, starting from the age of 1.

In this wonderful environment, in the heart of nature, where children's laughter echoes, birthdays are not only a celebration, but also a meeting full of peace and happiness for families. At Moment Park, every birthday turns into a unique experience to be lived with your loved ones, among the beauties offered by nature.
Wedding (6).jpg
Moment Park offers the perfect venue for your wedding to celebrate the new beginning of your life in a rustic setting, among unique natural beauties. This fascinating park allows you to turn the wedding of your dreams into reality with its peaceful atmosphere of nature and stunning views. As you begin your lifelong relationship among thousands of shades of green, accompanied by bird sounds and under the sky, you will have an unforgettable experience in a natural and elegant environment.
This natural paradise, enriched with rustic touches, provides a warm and friendly atmosphere for happy moments you will share with your loved ones. Your wedding at Moment Park will not just be a ceremony, it will be the beginning of the most special story of your life, in the heart of nature.
As an independent artist collective, XBYOND organizes local music events to bring together like-minded people and create an environment where artists can grow together.

By celebrating the traditional as well as the experimental, the visual and the auditory, we celebrate a riot of art forms that cannot be defined. Our collective serves as a canvas where artists from all walks of life come together, breaking barriers and promoting a culture of inclusivity.

Through our shared spirit, we aim to create a vibrant and inclusive community that celebrates the richness of artistic expression. XBYOND is a meeting point for everyone who wants to explore various aspects of art and grow together on this path.
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