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Moment Park

Discover, Experience, Be Amazed
Moment Park, the World of Endless Miracles Offered by Nature!

Forest Sun Rays

Moment Park

A Unique Adventure in the Heart of Nature: Moment Nature Park!

Moment Park. has been serving in Çiçekli Nature Park in Bornova's Çiçekliköy district, right next to the Izmir-Istanbul highway, since 2005, and this special place presents itself as a natural paradise right next to the city. Moment Park is not only one of the largest sports and recreation centers in the region, hosting an average of 400,000 visitors per year, but also a meeting point for all birthday celebrations, concerts, festivals, corporate events and weddings.

Moment Park offers its guests peaceful and unforgettable experiences in the heart of nature. Its restaurants are known for their rich menus prepared with healthy and fresh local products, and these flavors offer visitors an unforgettable gastronomic experience in an atmosphere intertwined with nature. Picnic areas provide an ideal environment for enjoying delicious moments outdoors.

Moment Park, where every corner tells a different story, offers great happiness to its visitors with the calmness and beauty of nature, away from the density of the city. An escape for nature and sports lovers, this park is the symbol of a healthy and active lifestyle. This hidden paradise of Izmir hosts all kinds of organizations, from special day celebrations to large-scale events, allowing you to celebrate the most important moments of life in the unique beauty of nature.

Moment Park is an indispensable destination for anyone who wants to have a peaceful and refreshing experience surrounded by nature. The breath of the city beats in the heart of nature, and every moment spent in Moment Park becomes a way to enjoy this unique harmony. Appealing to visitors of all ages, this park is waiting for you to celebrate the most beautiful moments of life and be the heart of special events.

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Camlik Cad. No:1 Çiçekliköy Bornova İzmir, Turkey

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